Pantheon Fundraiser @ 1015 Folsom - 07/09/10  

Pantheon Fundraiser @ 1015 Folsom - 07/09/10 - Pantheon - A night of Gods and Goddesses. A massive benefit for the 2010 Burning Man Temple :: The Temple of Flux. With ELITE FORCE (U&A Recordings/Lot49, UK) SOUL OF MAN (Finger Lickin', UK) SLYDE (Finger Lickin', UK) MYAGI (Pop and Lock, Canada) and SF DJs from our favorite crews! Mancub, Brad Robinson, 8Ball, Zach Moore (Space Cowboys) Clarkie, Aaron Pope (The Deep End) Forest Green (Cute Fang Recordings) JoeJoe, Mace (Brass Tax) Gravity, Derek Hena (Pink Mammoth) Kramer (Distrikt/The Deep End) Trav (Seismic) Syd Gris (Opulent Temple) Ethan Miller (Friends and Family) Motion Potion (Mutaytor) Eric Sharp (Rock It Science) Jive (Garage Mahal/Fix) Laird (Golden Gate Recordings) and Chris Smith (DJ Fluid, Om Records) [San Francisco Burning Man Fundraiser Pictures] (pic #2)

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