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Highlight for Album: Lumafest - 10/11/03
Album: Lumafest - 10/11/03

Local Urban Music & Arts Festival - Saturday, October 11, 2003, San Francisco / 2 Stages of DJs & MCs Fusing Urban Music in Multiple Genres (( house // hip hop // breaks // funk // soul )) amber dj push dj motion potion (the real) elz forest green jerry bonham jondi kimiko joy mc's from felonious melyss mohammed bilal mr. rourke of soulive ms. e queen agnes b samira scott carrelli seraphim spesh tung
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Highlight for Album: KENichi
Album: KENichi <09/23/03

We'll miss you. May you rest in peace.

Funeral service:
Green Street Mortuary / 649 Green Street / San Francisco, CA 94133 / 415-433-5692

Buddhist Praying Service: Monday 9/29, 3pm to 5pm
Funeral Service: Tuesday 9/30, 9am to 10:30am

Many of you knew Ken Chan. Pay him a tribute on here by leaving a comment under one of the pictures.

You can find many of KENichi's old mixes on SF Underground
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Highlight for Album: Peace Melon Day Party - 08/16/03
Album: Peace Melon Day Party - 08/16/03

Fun day party @ Cafe Cocomo in San Francisco. Featured Flavors of Music: + Ms. E (FutureBreaks, SisterSF) + Scott Carrelli (Satellite, Qool) + Samira (SisterSF) + KENichi (OnIce, Octane) + FauxQ (Noel C., Seed, Platform, DownNYurty) + F*Down (Maciek, 808Fell, DownNYurty) + Gabriel (Gabriel Alexander, RippedNet)
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Highlight for Album: Octane05
Album: Octane05

Awesome warehouse party w/ Spesh and Scott Corelli, as well as the Onicemusic gang.. 09-29-02
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