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Album: Burningman 2003

The Opulent Temple of Kaos @ Burningman (located at 10:00 and Creed) Sandra Collins (Opulent Temple of Kaos - The #1 DJ in America, Dancestar 2003) Tamo (Garage Mahal) Gianni (Spundae) Syd Gris (Opulent Temple of Kaos/ Garage Mahal) Chris Dadzitis (Kigh as a Hite) Ean Golden (Garage Mahal) Tim Pratt (Garage Mahal) Goldilox (Boombox Village) Laird (Boombox Village) Chris Mc Garry (Sol Systems) Red Stickmen PleasureSean (Garage Mahal) Jim Yu Millhouse (Opelent Temple of Kaos) John Schiffer ErikZen (Connexus) Snow Leopard (Connexus) Primitive Groove Damien (Connexus) Spivak (SDR) deepblue (IK) [Also check out the Burningman 2003 Decompression pictures]
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