Madrid, Spain - Dec '03 
Highlight for Album: Acrobatics in the Nike Store - 12/21/03
Album: Acrobatics in the Nike Store - 12/21/03

Awesome acrobatics and fighting performance given to tribal beats inside the Nike store of all places.. Near Sol plaza, Madrid. Check out the small AVI's to get the full effect.
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Highlight for Album: Dancing in the streets - 12/20/03
Album: Dancing in the streets - 12/20/03

Late night (~3-4am) walk through Atocha in Madrid. Ran into a band playing tunes in the middle of the street - and the crowd was loving it. This road was blocked off for hours because of them.
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Highlight for Album: Christmas Shopping - 12/20/03
Album: Christmas Shopping - 12/20/03

Christmas shopping in madrid the week before christmas is an experience. The stores were so busy you could barely walk in.
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Highlight for Album: Dinner - 12/16/03
Album: Dinner - 12/16/03

Dinner in Madrid with Keith, Paluma, and their friends from Brazil.
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