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Highlight for Album: LoveFest_Teasers
Album: LoveFest_Teasers

<09.23.06> Just a smattering of the Love. Stay tuned for much, much more...
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Highlight for Album: Raiders In Dolores Park
Album: Raiders In Dolores Park

<07.29.06> The crew and I have been Indiana Jonesing to see the first Raiders flick for quite some time. Had flashbacks from the night my fam saw it in theatres back in '83 (I turned away like Indy & Marion after the Kraut's faces started melting) and my Pop had to convice me I wouldn't have nightmares after returning home. Followed up by a stop at Joodee's new pad and finally The Libertine for Holly's 2-7 Bday. Dolores Park, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: BeccaPalooza
Album: BeccaPalooza

<04.15.06> Misha and The Gang (the folks who brought you 'Mishapalooza' last year)return to dish out the best warehouse jam in town (and one kick-ass Bday party for Misha's little sister). Becca likes animals so a mechanical bull was wrangled all the way from Washington. After being hurled from the steed at high speeds I can say that all who rode felt like they got the crap beat out of them the next day... Rodeo DJs: Retox, Morse Code, and Kuze. Frontier Audio by Foundation Sound. Western Lighting by Rumpus Room. Twangy Karaoke by XYZ. Bull-taming and drunken partygoer- tossing courtesy of John from Danzhaus, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Pirate Booty
Album: Pirate Booty

<12.02.05> Met the new neighbours just hours before my big move. Decided to don swashbuckler gear and drink questionable grog in lieu of packing all my crap. Cerrithen, Matt, and Rachel managed to lay out some tasty grub for the lackeys on hand and show the Cabin Boys they put the 'curvy' in scurvy. All hand were apparently on deck as well. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Page Street Annex, San Francisco.
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Album: Backstage Pass
<11.19.05> Roadies, rockstars, opening band members, security, groupies, hangers-on, and managers converge backstage - where the REAL magic happens. No bottles left unopened, no bangs left unteased, and no clichs left unfulfilled. There was much rockin' out without the cock actually being out. I think you get the idea... Rockstar DJs: Bijan Marashi, Colin Dwyer, Craig Merchant, [e], Fred Wade, Hoj, Jason Kwon, Kevin Knapp, Lars Berg, and Tim Crowe. Rock Show Lighting by Rumpus Room. The Dude Shack (aka The Coolest Place You've
Never Been Invited To), Potrero Hill, San Francisco. (Pics by Marc Fong) [Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see these clubbing pictures]
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Highlight for Album: Disco Cemetery
Album: Disco Cemetery

<10.20.05> Been a while since I'd made it over to the Thurs happy hour at Gabe's when he lived down the street. Now that his new street was deep in the Mission the Bert Train was crucial, especially since the spill. Nick Parker's "half-hot, half-cold" zip hoodie style was in full effect with my road rashed arm. As usual, the natives got restless and we wandered to the Booty Bar. Let's just say that "half-hot, half-cold" is the next big thing... Wax slingers: Omar, Ethan, and Massari. Manicures by Tanya. Gabe-Rue-Cyrelle Abode, Beauty Bar, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Panda-Moan-Eum II
Album: Panda-Moan-Eum II

<11.12.05> Pandas run amok when they opt for booze and crack (and bacon) instead of bamboo. Local Heroes: Aaron Jae, Ernie Trevino, Dirty Punk, Donna Matrix, Alxndr, Kapt 'n Kirk, and Mancub on scratch duty. Krunk Lounge: Maer, Dr. Toast, Kitty-D, pUrEvil, Mozaic, and Rodman. Angels of Booze: Hi Life, Shannon, and C-Dawg. 4-corner sound by pUrEvilsound. Lighting by Evil Breakz. The Cracktory, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Brass Tax Sunrise Renegade
Album: Brass Tax Sunrise Renegade

<10.30.05> Brass Tax beckoned the sun properly with the 5th Annual Sunrise Renegade in style. Surprisingly, this was the first I was able to make it to (shame on Fong). After a full evening the only choice was to sober up while watching Gladiator (twice), drink 2 gallons of H2O, grab a snack, and head out to the water. Sleep would have been nice but it's hell on the zombie makeup (and zombie makeup can accentuate bike accident wounds in the most wonderful way). Some killer costumes in effect which makes me proud. It's a nice change when everyone else dresses up ;) Brass Tax fools and guests: Loosebeats, Goldilox, Fred Funk, Tung, Jess, Ding-Dong, and Ernie Trevino. Urban Wasteland Central, San Francisco. [ALSO see the main Brasstax 420 Halloween Renegade Pics]
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Highlight for Album: El Accidente
Album: El Accidente

<10.11.05> The Rumor Mill ran rampant when Brian Cox told folks at Qol I was in a bike accident. 10min later he was told "Fong was hit and run by a car!" and "I hear Fong was jumped by a band of street hooligans!" Actually, I was on the way to Orange Photography for a walk-thru for their gig on Thurs and hauling ass down Page St (b/w Buchanan & Laguna) when some kid jumped out from behind a car halfway down the street. It was dark, I had my blinky lights on, and had only a few feet before I took him out. Being the good samaritan I am, I jammed on the brakes and flipped over the rugrat. Feast your eyes on the Pavement Chronicles: not for the faint of heart... With all the walking I've been doing y'all get to enjoy some arty street shots as well as the gruesome ones. Lower Haight, Davies Medical, and Upper Haight, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Bike Workshop
Album: Bike Workshop

<08.27.05> Just because I wasn't going to Burning Thang didn't mean I couldn't contribute in my own little way. All bikes brought over that day were tuned up for cycling hell in Black Rock City. Chains were lubed, brakes adjusted, a multitude of beers of the world were consumed, and I barely coped with test riding bikes owned by short folks. Even the neighbors busted out their rides for some TLC. Casa del Fong, Upper Haight, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Japancake
Album: Japancake

<07.23.05> A meeting of kindred spirits, a going away for two Bay Area foolios, a Pancake Playhouse fundraiser = Japancake! Jay Austing Gregory and yours truly look to the Far East for inspiration and cramped quarters. An expression of Honor, Humility... and pancakes! Special guest: Smoove, and fLOORCRAfT vs. Iyad. Pancake DJs: Gabacho, Cor, Austin Gregory, and Flapjack (aka Mr. Fong) on the closing Soft Rock set. Decor and light 'n fluffy hotcakes by Team Fuck It Up. Lighting by Rumpus Room. Danzhaus, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Koko Head Botanical Gardens
Album: Koko Head Botanical Gardens

<07.06.05> Ma and I check out the Koko Head Botanical Gardens right around the bend from Hanauma Bay and lovingly placed next to the firing range. Totally free and worth checking out, especially on a blazing hot day. Breathtaking views from inside the Koko Head crater and a generous sampling of native and non-native flora: Plumeria heaven. When in town pry thyself away from retail-hell downtown Waikiki and check out some nature for a change. Koko Head Botanical Gardens, Honolulu, Hawai'i.
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Highlight for Album: Dave &amp;amp; Buster's
Album: Dave & Buster's

<07.04.05> Went for a night on the town in Waikiki at Ye Olde Ward Centre with newlyweds Jolene & Richie. Stephanie & Joe took us to one of the slightly lesser cheesy joints downtown (as most of what's down by the strip is exactly that). Never been to a Dave & Buster's but quickly found out it's like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Highlights: blinky lights, free popcorn, rooftop bar, and plastic cheesecake. Rounded out the evening back at Steph & Joe's rad pad back on the way back to Ma's place. Ward Centre, Honolulu, Hawai'i.
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Highlight for Album: Shorebird
Album: Shorebird

<07.04.05> Ma and I head for the islands and Casa del Fong El Paradiso. Little b and Talha Turkboy were in town filming a wedding and were able to meet for grinds at Shorebird buffet @Outrigger Reef. Fresh corned beef hash and fresh papaya (not necessarily in the same bite) and beachfront view are definite draws. Met up with SF newlyweds Jolene & Ritchie during their island-hop honeymoon. Played tourguide in the island beater car and spread the plate lunch love. Reconfirmed strange fascination with SPAM (a-la-burger/musubi). O'ahu, Hawai'i.
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Highlight for Album: Fur &amp;amp; Lace
Album: Fur & Lace

<06.03.05> Sabrina and Raj open the palace up for fancy duds, nice beats, and tasty beverages. Party-goers encouraged to Dolce & Gabba-Gabba it up and get all ghetto glam while they were at it. Tunes courtesy of Tim McCormack, Scott Carrelli, Lars Berg, and Kerowack (Saul and Dan). Lighting by Rumpus Room. Gunita a.k.a Gigi, Gunny Bunny, Gun, the Party Project Manager (PPM) was on hand to keep the gears oiled and running smoothly. Special thanks to Sab for the Super Asian Melon Pops. Suj/Raj Palace, El Mission, San Francisco.
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Album: Total Qas
<05.11.05> Qol cajoles the Solid SF crew into joining in the fun on a Wed instead of their regular Mon night. Line around the corner to get in rivals even the city's best soup kitchens. Late night musical interruption courtesy of Extra Action Marching Band. Frank Chu watches as the Girls Go Wild even though Spring Break is long past. Bean counters: Tim McCormack, Ryan Robinson, D Spurlock, Mark Musselman, Jondi, and Spesh.
[Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see this clubbing album] [San Francisco Party Pictures @ 111 Minna]
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Album: Naughty Nautical Qol
<04.27.05> Seafarers and landlubbers rub elbows for Hameed's last Qol before migrating back North to Montreal for the season. Captain GrabASSki at the helm to ensure all passenger's cargo was secure for voyage. Hameed brings son for his first Qol experience. Suzi introduces interpretive dance hour after last record. John Wu gives Frank Chu a Chow Yun Fat makeover. Cabin boys: Kylen C, Hyper D, Jeffrey Allen, Rooz, Jondi, and Jerry Bonham. 111 Minna, SOMA, San Francisco [Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see this clubbing album] [San Francisco Party Pictures @ 111 Minna]
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Highlight for Album: View From The Top
Album: View From The Top

<03.19.05> Matt, Shana, Tim, Nigel, and Molly open their doors to their unbelievable Twin Peaks palace for Tim's 27th year and just for the sake of having a damn good party(and showing off the killer view). Matt designs a beautiful sun for the mantle, Tim gets older, Shana shuns red bulbs in favor of blue, Nigel surprises us all and dons all black, and Molly hides under the bed. Fong brings own cup and manages to hold onto it. Folks come in waves yet the booze holds out until the bitter end. Sound masters for the evening(and morning): B-moves, Sinned, Trav, Chris McGarry, Dragn'fly, Ishmael Rodriguez, Dead Seal, and Barefoot. Lasers by Joe of UV99. Lighting by Rumpus Room. The Big House on Top of the Hill, Twin Peaks, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: You're Getting Warmer
Album: You're Getting Warmer

<04.22.05> Justin & Julie's housewarming for their first "adult" pad. The boys upstairs opened their doors and WC as well with their own crew of cronies. Early birds made short work of the sweet 'n savory fondues. Grilled goodies, snacks, and booze kept pouring out from nowhere. Black light ping-pong in the garage added a nice touch. Badass furniture by Justin Godar ( Lighting by Rumpus Room. Prospect Chalet, Bernal Heights, San Francisco.
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Album: LTJ Bukem w/ MC Conrad
 Ever since Logical Progressions came out in '96 I've wanted to see LTJ perform somewhere larger than the old Justice League. DJ M opened up with Kuze rocking it w/ MC Duh until the natives grew too restless. LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad didn't come to mess around, either. Jax, Donna Matrix, and Smoove braved the smoke in the upstairs breaks room. Ruby Skye, Tha Loin, San Francisco. 
[Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see this clubbing album] [San Francisco Party Pictures @ Ruby Skye]
Album: LTJ Bukem w/ MC Conrad
<04.21.05> Ever since Logical Progressions came out in '96 I've wanted to see LTJ perform somewhere larger than the old Justice League. DJ M opened up with Kuze rocking it w/ MC Duh until the natives grew too restless. LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad didn't come to mess around, either. Jax, Donna Matrix, and Smoove braved the smoke in the upstairs breaks room. Ruby Skye, Tha Loin, San Francisco.
[Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see this clubbing album] [San Francisco Party Pictures @ Ruby Skye]
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Highlight for Album: Astro &amp;amp; Glyde
Album: Astro & Glyde

<04.20.05> Astro&Glyde(NYC) may seem a little lubed up but they sure as Hell can throw 'em down. Mysterious drinks and good friends abound in the expanded An. Scott Carrelli backs the boys up just fine. Harry takes a break from the door and I thought I was at the wrong place. An, SOMA, San Francisco.
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Album: 4:20 Qol
<04.20.05> All the crazies come out on special "holidays" like April 20th. Fong forgets his French, Jay loses the bottom half of his shirt(again), Hsiao-Wen soothes the savage beasts with promo pretzels (can you say "munchies"?), and Jenny becomes the new kid on the block. Carrelli and Spesh must have pitched in on a time machine as they brought back some kick-ass tunes from the future. Only minor injuries were sustained from Shooey's animalistic behaviour. DJs: Peek, Mark Musselman, Tim McCormack, Shooey, Scott Carrelli, and Spesh [Pics from this section have been promoted to the main site. Click to see this clubbing album] [San Francisco Party Pictures @ 111 Minna]
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Highlight for Album: Garbage Sale: Part Trois
Album: Garbage Sale: Part Trois

<04.16.05> Part III in a series of me unloading my crap in preparation for the Tokyo move. This needs to be done in multiple stages due to the copius amounts of junk I've collected over the years. Roomie Sandy joins in this time around despite the unholy start time of 8am on a Sat. Fong Family furniture, mirror balls, and funky duds were the first items to go. Mikey arrives well after cocktails began but in time to man the grill and be the proud owner of my Mom's old Puma jogging suit. Upper Page, San Francisco.
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Highlight for Album: Lorna's Champagne Bday
Album: Lorna's Champagne Bday

<04.10.05> Bday shindig for Miss Lorna begins at Baker Beach with Champage and other goodies. The troops then head off for Camp Richmond to continue the festivities indoors for more eats, drinks, and amplified tunes. Sound by Darrell's Discount Deals. On the decks: Lick the DJ, fLOORCRAfT, Kiki, Shelley, and Iyad. Oil projection by Rumpus Room (couldn't carry more on my bike...). Baker Beach, Camp Richmond, San Francisco.
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