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Highlight for Album: NYC Transformers (street breakdancing) - 05-18-03
Album: NYC Transformers (street breakdancing) - 05-18-03

Street performers in New York city - These guys were tallented and definately had the crowd going. Would have been interesting to see how much cash they got for their performances - they had a huge bucket that they were passing around for donations.
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Highlight for Album: Roxy's NYC - 05/16/03
Album: Roxy's NYC - 05/16/03

Roxy in New York City is currently the king for the Friday night techno/trance/rave clubbing scene. It's a rollerskating rink, converted into a huge dance hall. Tiesto was spinning on this Friday night (05/16/03) as part of his Record Release Tour for NYANA. I actually left early (3am, shortly after Tiesto came on) as it was getting too crowded, and the rough work week had me beat.
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Highlight for Album: Arc @ NYC - 05-17-03
Album: Arc @ NYC - 05-17-03

Arc in New York City. This club opens ~midnight or so. Want a drink? Good luck, no alcohol. Overall a good dancing crowd though - there were still people waiting to get in when I left at 6am! Unfortunately, they do not allow camera's in this club, so no flash, and only a few pics - the club itself was extremely dark... Lineup on May 17, 2003: SVEN VÄTH - CHRISTIAN SMITH - JOHN SELWAY
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