Esthetic Evolution, Near Boise, Idaho June 22-24 2007  


Esthetic Evolution, Near Boise, Idaho June 22-24 2007 - Esthetic Evolution is one of the premier Electronic Music festivals in the Northwest. Held at the the Twin Springs Resort 1 1/2 hours from Boise, it features 2 nights of music and 2 days of relaxation along the Boise River. The festival is held in the spirit of Burning Man gaining much of its flavor form the people who attend. If you have ever wanted to see the beauty of Idaho's mountains and rivers combined with a great music festival, you need to attend Esthetic Evolution. Thanks to all that created the event, both promoters and attendees alike. If there are any questions about the pictures or if you would like a full size original, please e-mail Greg at See ya next year! [Outdoor Party Pictures] (pic #10)

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