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Highlight for Album: GROOVE REVOLUTION - 04/15/06
Album: GROOVE REVOLUTION - 04/15/06

a participatory event unlike anything you've seen combining an interactive set custom-built for the Revolution, a new level of performance theatrics & art, 4-channel sonic immersion, and a 270-degree videoscape produced by local artist Nate Pagel and Seattle-based Jon Dix, Radiohead's live tour visualizer. Featuring: AARON POPE * d * LAIRD * MELVIN S.M. * MELYSS * MICHELE BASS ...and SMOOVE as "The Dictator" [San Francisco Underground Clubbing Pictures]
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Highlight for Album: Planet Sol - 11/20/04
Album: Planet Sol - 11/20/04

w/ Adnan (Lush) / Alcyone with Drumfire (Live Set) / Donna Matrix (Newsbreakz) / Dragn'fly (Shaolin, Audio Metamorphosis) / Dr. Gyrate (Agents of Bass) / Kramer (Deep End) / Michele Bass (L.A. Breakbeat Association) / MVP (Sol System) / Ooah the Turntablist (L.A. Breakbeat Association) / Rawkshow (Live Set) / Sunder (Sol System) / + special late-night set by Lorin (Bassnectar) (Pics by Trav, Vera, & *new pics* Stephen) [San Francisco Clubbing Pics]
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Highlight for Album: Rising Sol - 07/31/04
Album: Rising Sol - 07/31/04

Sol System presents: RISING SOL - Rising Sol is a pre-playa fun-raiser to get you in the mood to rock the playa at Burning Man 2004. w/ Alibi (House of Lotus) / Bali (Deep End) / Dano (Red Melon) / Deep Eddy (House of Lotus) / Dragn'fly (Shaolin, Audio Metamorphosis) / Laird (Lush) / Smoove (Space Cowboys) / Sunder & McGarry (Sol System) [ALSO see (other user pics) Trav's Pics] [San Francisco Underground Clubbing Pictures]
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Highlight for Album: Eternal Sol - 06/19/04
Album: Eternal Sol - 06/19/04

Sol System presents... ***ETERNAL SOL*** Bringing BEATS for You and Your Friends: Adam Ohana (Get Freaky) Alibi (House of Lotus) - special chilled out bangra/global hip hop session J:Miah (Orangeage) JZ (Red Melon) Scottino Larsino (Camp hi!) Sean Forsha (Sol System) Sitara The Shamal (Sol System) Sunder (Sol System) Tafner (Sol System) (pics © Trav) [San Francisco Underground Clubbing Pics]
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Highlight for Album: A Royal New Years Eve
Album: A Royal New Years Eve

All things regal, risqué, kinky, courtly. DJ's Dragn'fly (Epiphany) / Laird (Boombox) / Lewis (Sugar) / RonE (Vibrant) / Tafner (Sol System) / Tamo (Garage Mahal) / Ryel K (Pink Mammoth) / Juanita More / DJ Derek B / Ken Vulusion [San Francisco New Years Eve clubbing pictures]
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Highlight for Album: Primitive Sol - 11/14/03
Album: Primitive Sol - 11/14/03

On November 14, Sol System invited San Francisco club kids to explore their primitive soul through music, art, dance and costume at their last event until April 2004. BEATS... alcyone (Alex & Suzanne of Medicine Drum) / alxndr (Lawbreakers) / care (Seattle) / donna matrix (FnF) / dragn'fly (Epiphany) / goldilox ( / john schiffer (UBT) / josh longo (Release, Wish) / lorin (Bassnectar - This kid's incredible!) / mcgarry (Sol System) / norman stradley (Release) / part-time chiller (Sol System) / scottino larsino (Fugnuts) / LIVE... trapeze the sirens / guitar lindenbaum / painting greg kalamar / visuals chris, dan, barry, jm / dance good vibe hoop tribe / dance futuretrybe / contortionist fleeky / hand-balancing thor v. iron monkey / lasers metabeam, newaje / bar bar beeatch / sound bruce [San Francisco underground clubbing pics]
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