BeccaPalooza - <04.15.06> Misha and The Gang (the folks who brought you 'Mishapalooza' last year)return to dish out the best warehouse jam in town (and one kick-ass Bday party for Misha's little sister). Becca likes animals so a mechanical bull was wrangled all the way from Washington. After being hurled from the steed at high speeds I can say that all who rode felt like they got the crap beat out of them the next day... Rodeo DJs: Retox, Morse Code, and Kuze. Frontier Audio by Foundation Sound. Western Lighting by Rumpus Room. Twangy Karaoke by XYZ. Bull-taming and drunken partygoer- tossing courtesy of John from Danzhaus, San Francisco. (pic #16)

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