Brass Tax Sunrise Renegade  


Brass Tax Sunrise Renegade - <10.30.05> Brass Tax beckoned the sun properly with the 5th Annual Sunrise Renegade in style. Surprisingly, this was the first I was able to make it to (shame on Fong). After a full evening the only choice was to sober up while watching Gladiator (twice), drink 2 gallons of H2O, grab a snack, and head out to the water. Sleep would have been nice but it's hell on the zombie makeup (and zombie makeup can accentuate bike accident wounds in the most wonderful way). Some killer costumes in effect which makes me proud. It's a nice change when everyone else dresses up ;) Brass Tax fools and guests: Loosebeats, Goldilox, Fred Funk, Tung, Jess, Ding-Dong, and Ernie Trevino. Urban Wasteland Central, San Francisco. [ALSO see the main Brasstax 420 Halloween Renegade Pics] (pic #9)

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