Tribal Quest North West, 2005 
Highlight for Album: After Party pics
Album: After Party pics

Silly Silly pics of the after party, after the show on Saturday.
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Highlight for Album: Pics of the Panel Discussion, Sunday
Album: Pics of the Panel Discussion, Sunday

Following the workshops, performances and all the fun, teachers came together in the Caravan Studio to discuss the current themes with q&a from the audience. It was awesome to hear different perspectives and hear what kind of questions were answered like when do you know you are ready to perform, teach and more.
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Highlight for Album: Saturday night Show & After Show Pics
Album: Saturday night Show & After Show Pics

Tribal Quest North West, 2005 TRIBAL QUEST NORTH WEST SHOW at the HOllywood Theater in Portland Oregan with August 3 through August 7, 2005! Ansuya (Florida) Rachel Brice (California) Heather Stants and Urban Tribal (California) Zafira Dance Company (Pennsylvania) Susan Reagel (Oregon) Paulette Rees-Denis & the Gypsy Caravan (Oregon) Sharon Moore (Washington) Nea’s Tribal with Gabriella (Germany) Sarah Johansson Locke (New York) Lisa Sarasohn (North Carolina) Lynea Gillen (Oregon) Angela Holmes (Oregon) Jeremiah Soto - Solace (California) Michael Beach (Oregon) Chris Henke (Oregon) Alaine Haddon-Casey (Australia) Ariel from BlissSville (California. Pics are hard to get with my little camera but hopefuly you get the feeling and feel you were there somehow :-)
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Highlight for Album: Workshop & Misc People Pics
Album: Workshop & Misc People Pics

I couldn't get to everyone or thing, but here are pics of the workshops and general stuff happening around the workshops like shopping :-) If you aren't sure what kind of experience it was, hopefully this convinces you that you should go next year! What a great line up and a great opportunity for a dance intensive. Pics of Caravan Studio, Rachel Brice, Ansuya and Heather Stants classes, sorry to those who I didn't catch, next year? :-)
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