Burning Man!!! 
Highlight for Album: DeComPreSSion 2007
Album: DeComPreSSion 2007

a massive street faire of burners, reliving that one magical week in the desert, where you didn't have a care in the world except to worry about love, community and art.... [ALSO see the main Burning man 2007 Decompression Pictures]
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Highlight for Album: BURNING MAN 2007
Album: BURNING MAN 2007

Pictures from the annual desert festival, my 5th year, and 5th with Opulent Temple, a sound camp we worked tremendously hard for over the years. Crazy, dusty, windy year this time! [ALSO see the main Burning Man 2007 archives] [Burningman 2007 Pictures]
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Highlight for Album: Burning Man 2006
Album: Burning Man 2006

Pictures of Burning Man 2006. Yet another year with the Opulent Temple and more.
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Highlight for Album: Gina's Burning Man pics 2005
Album: Gina's Burning Man pics 2005

Gina's pics of Burning Man, an annual art festival/temporary community in Black Rock City Nevada. A convergence of sorts of the artist type and beyond. I was part of the Opulent Temple, a sound camp, bringing dance music to the playa from SF and beyond, organized by my brother Syd and a lot of amazing people who worked for months to make this all happen. These pics are mostly of the Opulent Temple because thats where I camped. Also a few of the El Circo fire show, day time pics of the Deep End and more. For more info, www.burningman.com or www.opulenttemple.org. Thanks everyone for a very memorable year.
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