Mighty Breaks 3 Year Anniversary - 01/25/08  
IMG 6356

IMG 6356

Mighty Breaks 3 Year Anniversary - 01/25/08 - Mighty Breaks was founded 3 years ago on the idea of bringing great DJs together for a night of dancing, great music, friends and fun local crews at Mighty. It was a magic formula that could only take place in the club we all feel at home. With DJ's Murphstar (SEISMIC) The Geometrist (Space Cowboys) Aaron Pope (Deep End) Shissla (House of Lotus) Tamo (Angels of bAss) sh00ey (Deep End) Bam (Evil Breaks) Mozaic (Nexus) Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist (True Skool) Tim Deitz (The Fringe) Syd Gris (Opel) Samira (SEISMIC, Sister SF) [San Francisco Clubbing Pictures @ Mighty] (pic #27)

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