Another DRAGNET - 08/19/05  
IMG 0191

IMG 0191

Another DRAGNET - 08/19/05 - Our chance to get our favorite male DJs to tag team with us in drag. Men DJing in dresses. An annual event. Line-up for SISTER SFs 8th Annual Infamous Drag Event! Amber vs Syd Gris (Opel/Opulent Temple) Audio Angel vs Frogger (Breakthru) Forest Green vs Spesh (Qool) J-Fi vs Tonic (Mayonnaise) Melyss vs Smoove (Space Cowboys) Polywog vs Count Marcele Queen Agnes B. vs DJ Seven (Lo-rise) Samira vs Murphstar (SEISMIC) Seraphim vs Richie Panic (Frisco Disco) special guest: Miss Kitty on the mic! (Pics by Mariell) [San Francisco Clubbing Pictures @ Mighty] (pic #15)

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