Opel V year Anniversary Party - 03/17/07  
IMG 0506

IMG 0506

Opel V year Anniversary Party - 03/17/07 - Opel presents V: A Celebration of 5 years of parties with purpose. With 3 headlining acts: Meat Katie (UK), Dylan Rhymes-Live Ableton Set- (UK), 30HZ (Lot 49). Also with Opel residents: Syd Gris, Hoj, Melyss Dirtyhertz, Alain Octavo, Clark Hamon (Deep End), CRuX ([e] & Kevin Knapp), Amar (Electric Vardo / Dhamaal) (Happy Birthday Liz!) [ALSO see pictures from the 'Future Sound of Fashion' show] [San Francisco Clubbing Pictures @ Mighty] (pic #191)

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