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Welcome Qoolios..

Qol visitors will now be redirected for performance reasons. Here's your shortcut to the main Qool photo archives.

Posted by mark at November 14, 2003 10:24 AM

Site upgrade coming soon

MV Galleries has found a new home and will be migrating to it over the next few weeks. We'll be moving this site to a new, faster server, with much more bandwidth.

Stay tuned for more details - we'll try to make this switch as transparent as possible.

Posted by mark at November 05, 2003 11:11 AM

Fundraiser for rainforest conservation in Costa Rica

Something different, but still the same - mark the date:

Thursday, November 20th
Costa Rica Conservation Trust invites you to...


A Fundraiser for Rainforest Conservation in Costa Rica At 111 Minna Gallery

An evening of music, food, cocktails, guest speakers, exhibitors, and more to benefit CRCT and help raise money to save an immediately endangered area of rainforest in Costa Rica, and to create a mini-expo and networking event to raise awareness and educate guests on other organizations that are promoting respectful relationships with the Earth.

The event aims to provide a comfortable environment where eco-friendly and green-minded organizations and businesses can share and provide information about their efforts and causes; all under a central theme of "rejuvenating" the Earth, body, mind and soul.

7 - 9 pm (Mini-expo/Networking reception - $20 donation)
9 - 2 am (After party with DJs Soulsalaam and Laird - $10 after-party only)

More info at:

Posted by mark at November 04, 2003 12:16 PM

2003 Halloween pics

Halloween 2003 weekend is officially over, and there's lots of pictures in various sections of the site for it. Here's your cheat sheet to some of 2003's best halloween event pics -

  • Opel's Halloween [1/2]

  • Opel's Halloween [2/2]

  • Hall-o Ween @ Sublounge

  • Brass Tax Renegade

  • Kat's Castro Halloween pics

  • Work costume party
  • (Whew - busy weekend.)

    Posted by mark at November 03, 2003 10:48 AM

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    Welcome Qoolios..
    Site upgrade coming soon
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