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Upcoming Parties (08/13-08/14)

OK - so many of you have been emailling and asking for tips on where to party... Here it is - for the next few weeks - Click for details if you're interested.

Some of these events are underground, and may not have their location listed here. you should be able to figure out where they're at by asking around... oh, and these parties happen to be the parties that we'll be covering on MV Galleries soon...

Some people just plain suck!

I was out of town when my bman camp (OT) had their meeting about a month back. One of our camp mates got her teeth smashed in by a *crackhead drumk* (no, that's not a typo - just a new word I just made up for really nasty drunks..) walking out of the meeting house:(

Welp she's so far had nearly 10k worth of dentist bills to cover.. and her insurance only covers ~1.5k's worth - guess what - you can help her out.. She happens to be throwing a bomb underground this Friday at the Gingerbread warehouse (alright - hint - 1275 Connecticut @ Cesar Chavez.) w/ Migel Migs (awesome house), Sunder (whew - heard him at the sol system party? this kid rocks..), and a ton more... get there - and get there early - doors will close @ midnight... Good party, and for a good reason..

Ever been to Vegas? Then you might have heard of a little after hours club/restaurant called Drai's - well the Drais' crew is spinning this Saturday @ Ruby Skye.. Check them out if you're into good house music. Not into house? get your breaks fill @ Mighty with the likes of Benchun & Smoove (damn; gotta get up and dance just mentioning their names..).. Even later night options? check out the 'Slide' underground - there's a rumor that it goes down this Saturday...

Peace out...

what, you want more??? Alright then, Sunday, don't miss FlirtyFlirty vs. Deep End - a sunday day party @ Il Pirata (w/ Aaron Pope,
AJ Medina, Clarke, Gordon Waze, Jared, John Early, Layne Loomis, M3, Mike giannini, etc...)

Posted by mark at July 26, 2004 05:08 PM

Tour de France in Paris

Had a chance to see the last few miles of the Tour de France in Paris. Felt strange hearing the ocasional person speaking French - 95% of the people here were Americans..

Posted by mark at July 26, 2004 02:55 PM

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Upcoming Parties (08/13-08/14)
Tour de France in Paris

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